News Release

Oct. 14, 2017NEWSSunocs participated in ‘Active Senior Fair 2017’ held in Seoul, Korea.

Sunocs participated in ‘Active Senior Fair 2017’ held in Coex of Seoul, Korea from October 11 to 13, 2017. Sunocs had an opportunity to introduce various Haso products including Hasocare which is a new type of adult diaper to Korea.


Sep. 29, 2017NEWSSunocs’s new home page is open.

Aug. 07, 2017NEWSSunocs inserted a new ad on Jangup newspaper in Korea.

Jul. 07, 2017NEWSSpecial Event: A book launching ceremony

Ms. Han, Young Ju, the outside director of Sunocs Korea, held her book launching ceremony in The K Hotel Seoul on July 7, 2017. Many VIPs including Ms. Tagawa, CEO of Sunocs participated in the ceremony.

Jun. 28, 2017NEWSNew Book Release: “Do you want to learn how to run a cosmetic company easily?”

‘Business Plan for a Cosmetics Manufacturer’ is released. The books is helpful for systematic marketing and management of a company, and fit for Korean cosmetic industry that is developing to the world strongest.
Ms. Han, the editor and the translator of this book, is a pharmacist graduated from the college of pharmacy, Yeong Nam University. She is also a Ph. D. studying Marketing in Korea University. She has 10-year experience in Korean pharmaceutical industry. Currently, she is providing consulting services on IT marketing for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics, working as a outside director in a few companies including Sunocs.


May 25, 2017NEWSThe 1st Golf Competition for Friendship by Sunocs

On May 25, 2017, the 1st golf competition for friendship by Sunocs was held in Yomiuri Golf Club. All Sunocs staffs tried their best on preparing this big event. There were many participants including Sunocs’s business partners, people from Korean Association in Japan, and Professional golfers. It started from 9:30 a.m. by Ms. Tagawa’s ceremonial first hit and ended successfully with a big and happy party around 6 p.m.

Mar., 2017NEWSSunocs inserted a new ad on Cosmetics newspaper in Korea.

Nov., 2016NEWSNew Book: ‘Competitor-oriented Marketing’ by Kenji Maruyama, the adviser of Sunocs

Mr. Kenji Maruyama
Sunocs’s adviser at present. An acknowledged marketer by the extension course of Berkeley, University of California. Born in 1957 and graduated from Economic department at Keio Kijuku University. Worked in Recruit LTD and Setsu Boardpaper company (Rengo Co., LTD. at present). Worked as a marketer in a Silicone Valley company in U.S.A. and a marketing director of American company in Japan after finishing his business school course at Denver University. Formerly served as a general manager in charge of marketing for new business in Sunocs.


Sep. 26, 2016NEWSNonwovens: The Reason of Progress
‘Sunocs with a strong sales network in Korean market’

Sunocs’s moto is ‘a trading company connecting Japan to Korea’. Its items are various, ranging from interior items to media contents, and nonwovens is its main item occupying 30% of its sales amount. (An omission)
Sunocs offers various kinds of nonwovens made by Japanese makers to Korean customers. Sunocs is especially strong in the cosmetic nonwoven market.


Jan., 2016NEWSSunocs was introduced on ‘Print Way’, the Korean magazine for printing industry.

Jul. 02, 2012NEWSSunocs established a business foundation by the cloud services of small and medium-sized enterprise ERP.

Sunocs is exporting and importing specialty paper, printing ink and nonwoven fabric and doing wholesale business mainly in China, Korea and Japan. It continuously grows with strengths in customer service by utilizing the business network focusing on Asia. Therefore, it has the urgent need to establish the business foundation for future business expansion. (An omission)
Sunocs decided to introduce ERP as an IT program that can be treated as a series of processes in cooperation between business mastering and inventory management and accounting tasks.